Who is Ellie Bolton

Ellie Bolton: The Defensive Specialist in Creighton Volleyball

In the world of college volleyball, there are players who stand out not only for their skills on the court but also for their remarkable personal stories. Ellie Bolton, a senior at Creighton University hailing from Shawnee, Kansas, is one such standout athlete who has been making a name for herself as a Defensive Specialist. Let’s dive into the life and career of this talented athlete, both on and off the volleyball court.

Who is Ellie Bolton: The Volleyball Star

Who is Ellie Bolton

Ellie Bolton, standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches, is a force to be reckoned with on the volleyball court. Her position as a Defensive Specialist means she plays a crucial role in the team’s defense, showcasing exceptional skills in receiving serves, digging, and passing. Her dedication and hard work have earned her a place on the Creighton University volleyball team, a program that consistently ranks in the top 25 in the nation.

A standout athlete from her high school days at St. James Academy, Ellie’s best sports memory is winning back-to-back high school state championships. This early success laid the foundation for her promising collegiate career.

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The Person Behind the Athlete

Ellie’s life isn’t just about volleyball; she has a rich and multifaceted personal life as well. She is the daughter of Brady and Cristy Bolton and has two siblings, Aidan and Mya. With a major in marketing, she’s not only a star on the court but also a driven student. Interestingly, she’s considering law school after graduation, showcasing her determination to excel in various fields.

Her family has a strong connection to sports, as her great-grandfather, George Bolton, played football at Creighton in the late 1920s and was even the Prom King in 1928. This family legacy has undoubtedly influenced Ellie’s passion for sports.

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Inspirations and Aspirations

Every athlete has their sports heroes, and for Ellie, that person is Alex Morgan. Alex Morgan, a renowned soccer player, is known for her dedication, skill, and perseverance. Ellie undoubtedly looks up to her as a source of inspiration in her own athletic journey.

During her summer breaks, Ellie has ventured into the marketing world, serving as a marketing intern at OBI Creative. Notably, Karisa (Almgren) Malchow, a Creighton Volleyball alum, is the Vice President at this company, making it a remarkable connection between her professional and athletic pursuits.

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Ellie’s love for Creighton Volleyball extends to her favorite social media account, which is none other than @CreightonVB. It’s a testament to her passion for the sport and her team.

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The Fun Side of Ellie

Like any young adult, Ellie has her quirks and interests that make her a well-rounded individual. Her dream vacation destination is Greece, and her best birthday gift ever was concert tickets to see Thomas Rhett, showing her love for music and travel.

Ellie has a pre-game superstition of chewing mint gum, a ritual shared by many athletes to help them focus and stay alert on the court. She also has close friendships with players on other volleyball teams, including Evelyn Diederich (South Dakota), Anna Feldkamp, and Olivia Lovett (both from Loyola Chicago). These bonds transcend the competitive nature of the sport.

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Choosing Creighton and Exploring the World

Ellie chose to attend Creighton University for a multitude of reasons, including the excellent culture, amazing coaches and teammates, exceptional education, and the university’s proximity to her hometown. Moreover, Creighton’s volleyball program, consistently ranking among the top 25, was an enticing prospect for her.

One of her most cherished memories at Creighton was a trip to Europe, where she had the opportunity to travel the world and explore new places with her best friends. It was a unique experience that enriched her life beyond the volleyball court.

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The Bookworm and the Movie Star

Ellie’s interests go beyond sports and academics. She’s an avid reader, and her favorite books are the Harry Potter series, showcasing her love for fantasy and imagination.

When it comes to who would play her in a movie, Ellie has some star-studded choices in mind, including Alexandra Daddario and Rachel McAdams. These actresses are known for their versatility and talent, much like Ellie herself in her volleyball career.

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In the world of college volleyball, Ellie Bolton is more than just a Defensive Specialist. She’s a multi-talented individual with a bright future ahead, both in her chosen sport and in her academic pursuits. With a family legacy in sports and a determination to succeed, Ellie Bolton is a name we’ll likely be hearing more of in the years to come. (source)

Ellie Bolton Biography

PositionDefensive Specialist
Height5 feet 7 inches
HometownShawnee, Kan.
High SchoolSt. James Academy
ParentsBrady and Cristy Bolton
SiblingsAidan and Mya
Career AspirationConsidering law school after graduation
Great-grandfather’s LegacyGeorge Bolton played football at Creighton (1925-28) and was CU’s 1928 Prom King
Sports HeroAlex Morgan
Summer InternshipMarketing intern at OBI Creative
Favorite Social Media@CreightonVB
Dream Vacation DestinationGreece
Best Birthday GiftConcert tickets to see Thomas Rhett
SuperstitionChews mint gum before playing
Best Friends on Other TeamsEvelyn Diederich (South Dakota), Anna Feldkamp (Loyola Chicago), Olivia Lovett (Loyola Chicago)
Best Sports MemoryWinning back-to-back high school state championships
College ChoiceChose to attend Creighton due to culture, coaches, teammates, education, top-25 program, proximity to home, and BIG EAST cities
Favorite BIG EAST Road CityWashington, D.C.
Europe Trip HighlightTravelling the world and seeing new places with her best friends
Favorite BooksHarry Potter series
Movie Star ChoicesAlexandera Daddario or Rachel McAdams

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